April 23, 2012

Book Review: Psalm 91 Military Edition

Fear. Fear is wracking the world. Fear of terrorism, sickness, and death are among the millions of fears out there. In the military, you can never feel safe… as an unbeliever. God has promise our protection in the Bible numerous places, but His divine protection is found significantly in Psalm 91. In this fantastic book, Psalm 91: Military Edition, Peggy Joyce Ruth shows how easily Christians can walk in God’s all encompassing protection. This book includes many stories of men and women who prayed Psalm 91, and were rescued from perilous circumstances.
I ♥
·         The (true) stories.  I could not believe how incredible they were. It was amazing. I would share them here, but I don’t want to spoil them for you!
·         The verse-by-verse approach. Peggy took each verse in Psalm 91 and dissected it, so that you could really understand how vast God’s protection is.
·         The size. This book was the *perfect* size to give as a gift. In fact, I gave it to someone who was leaving for Basic training.
·         The personalized Psalm 91. In the back of the book, Psalm 91 is printed out with blanks where you fill in your name.
I didn’t ♥
·         Zilch. I loved this book.
Overall, I feel this book is a great addition to anyone’s library, but especially that of someone in the military. I plan on buying Peggy’s original book as well.

I received this book for free for this review from Charisma House.

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