June 26, 2012

Book Review: The Telling by Mike Duran

Zephaniah Walker, or Zeph as he is known by the very few who have met him, lives in seclusion. Working in the small, run down book swap, he rarely has contact outside of his morning cinnamon roll at the neighbors. He has a gift of foreseeing the future, but he hates it more than anything.
Annie Lane has noticed people changing before her eyes. Her dear friends have not been themselves, and their behaviors are more so that of a creature than that of a human.
In a perplexing downward spiral, Zeph, Annie, and Annie’s granddaughter are pushed into the center of an supernatural war, and the time to win is running out.
I disliked:
  • The theology. It was definitely wacko, so unless this book is entitled STRICTLY Science Fiction, then some people could possibly be deceived into thinking this was reality.
  • The anti-climatic ending. The book’s  beginning and middle suggested an extremely captivating ending, but it was really short. It seemed that it was so suspenseful, and then it was over.
  • The indwelling. I am not going to spoil it for anyone, but it was REALLY creepy.
  • The lack of God. I can barely recall two sentences in which God was mentioned, and they were really short.
I liked:
  • The line Zeph said at the end. I am not giving any spoilers, but it was powerful.
  • The character description. You could really get into the characters minds (that was a joke you will get if you read the book) and see who they were!
  • The plot. Although it was somewhat creepy, it was a good theme for a sci-fi book.
Use caution when reading this book, and read it with a completely biased mindset. As long as you can remember that it is not real, then you will be great!
Thank you to Charisma House for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review.

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