June 26, 2012

Book review: The Whole Guy Thing by Nancy Rue

How do us teenage girls relate to guys? Why do they flirt with us one minute, and then act as if we do not exist the next? After seeing that teenage girls asked a myriad of questions about the male species, Nancy Rue set out to write a book answering girls’ questions about guys.  She explains how they are trying to figure out how we think just as much (if not more) than we are trying to figure out their minds!
I liked:
  • Nancy Rue’s down to earth style. I love reading non-fiction books where it feels like the author is drinking tea with you in coffee shop. It really suited this book.
  • The age versatility. It wasn’t graphic at all, and it still got the right messages across. This makes it the go-to book for anywhere from ages 12-18.
  • The  “twitter version.” I really loved how she summed the sections off in only a couple sentences at the end of each section. It was impressive how she went into detail, and just gave the whole message in 140 characters (or less :)
  • The overall structure. It was perfectly structured. I loved how each chapter had different sections, and though they had different topics, they all fit together nicely.
I disliked:
  • I can’t think of too many thinks I disliked. I was somewhat neutral to a few issues, ones that for me are common knowledge, but that doesn’t mean they were common knowledge for everyone!
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to start to understand guys. This is the perfect book as an introduction into understanding boys, purity and love. If you want to go deeper after reading this book, I would suggest Guys are Waffles, Girls are Spaghetti by Chad Eastham, which is like a sequel to The Whole Guy Thing. I believe this book is perfect for girls ages 12-18.
Thank you to Zondervan for providing this book in exchange for an honest review.

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