November 10, 2012

twenty five unrelated facts.

25. This is Oliver. He is our marvelous cat with two differently colored eyes. 
24.  I am half watching "Sound of Music" right now. It is right at the part that they are hiding from the Nazis.
23. I secretly wish I could wear old-fashioned dresses. Daily. I guess not secretly anymore.
22. It has been blizzarding at my house all day. And, grammar freaks like myself, "blizzarding" is as much of a word as "funner."
21. I seriously am obsessed with Bethel Church’s music, Jesus Culture’s music, and Bryan and Katie Torwalt (look them up.)
20.  I am listening to Christmas music right now (it really works with “Sound of Music.” Not.) Don’t judge me.
19. If I could make a living watching Tim Hawkins videos all day, I would.
18. Last week, I read five books in the span of eight days.
17.  I am reading “All Things New by Lynn Austin. I am not sure how I am liking it. Review to come. Obviously.
16. I ate three chocolate chip cookies today. They were mid-sized. Don’t judge me.
15. I am four days behind on my facebook “thankful” posts.
14. I am considering wearing my Hermit the frog pajamas tonight. Nah.
13. I made a Dr. Oz cake today. Yummy.
12. I can’t find the remote for our tv. If iCarly comes on, I am going to cry.
11. Me and my sister (Abby, 14) reorganized our makeup. It would be nice if we ever used it.
10. I spent four minutes figuring out what to write in this sentence.
9. I am going to make hot tea tonight. Mmm.
8. My mom just said we were about to watch Duck Dynasty. My yuppie-girl self is about to burst with joy.
7. I am eating vegetable soup for dinner. I had vegetables and hummus for lunch. I guess that makes up for the three cookies.
6.  I dislike overcooked noodles with every fiber of my being.
5. If possible, I would marry the man with the yellow hat from Curious George. Through obsessiveness, I found out his name is Ted.
4. I wish I had a lace dress. True story.
3.  I like tea and coffee equally. Almost.
2. My two horses…er...puppies, are sleeping in our garage tonight. It is really cold outside.
1. I actually posted a non-book related post. Huzzah!.

Libbi H.

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StacieH said...

You CRACK me up! And I love that it is all 100% true