November 23, 2012

Fiction Friday: All Things New by Lynn Austin

This book is written in the post-Civil War era, and it focuses on the Weatherly family and their remaining slaves, and their struggles as they work to maintain a normal life in one of their worst periods in America’s history.
I liked:
  • The intricate detail. It was so realistic, and it was like a tapestry woven from thousands of threads.  I absolutely love when books are riveting as well as based on fact.
  • The character development. You learned to love each of the characters, and it was easier to have compassion on them because of it.
  • The suspense. Unlike most historical books, this book had numerous points of slight suspense as well as a few life or death situations. It most definitely keeps the reader hooked through the last page.
Content inappropriate for ages 18 and under:
  • This book was written in what I believe to be one of the most difficult eras in America’s history. With reconstruction, the KKK, and soldiers’ hatred, there is no way to make this a “PG” book.  There were parts of the book I was uncomfortable reading, as well as parts I cringed at. None of this is the author’s doing, it is just a miserable blemish in America’s history.  That said, I would not allow my younger sisters to read it until they are much older.
Overall, this was a perfectly written book for adults. I would not recommend it to anyone younger simply due to the delicate nature of this era.

Bethany House Publishers gave me this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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