May 01, 2011

The Truth About Swimsuits.

By this time of the year, every female being is searching for a swimsuit that is cute, and fits perfectly. Through all this shopping, many of us tend to forget modesty within the search. My whole life I have a a mindset that swimsuits just have a different design then clothes. They are nearly always modest with a skirt over them. I was wrong. I never realized that swimsuits are no different then clothes when considering modesty.A Bikini and Bikini bottoms show just as much skin as wearing just a bra and underwear. Consider these quotes from guys when considering bikinis.

      "When you're basically wearing underwear (or less than that) all you do is show off your body. 99 percent of guys see all of you, regardless of what body parts you think you're covering, when you wear that kind of swimsuit."
     "These are as immodest as they get. Please stay away from these; they show way too much skin and act as a stumbling block to guys."
     " From a guy's standpoint there is no difference between walking around in a bikini and walking around in your underwear. There might be a difference, but to a guy, there is not. That is how revealing it is to a guy"

(All quotes are from the Modesty Survey, and these quotes are from ages 17-40)
      As you can see, in a guy's mind there is no difference to a guy between a bra and a bikini. Even  if it is a yellow polka-dotted one *tear* As young ladies, we don't want to be treated like trash. but if we walk around in our less-than-underwear bikinis, it is hard for us NOT to be treated that way. My standard for modesty regarding swimsuits is due in part to "The Lost Art of True Beauty." Basically, keep everything you wouldn't show at church covered :)

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Abby said...

Great post! I have found wearing swim shorts and a swim tee shirt (a shirt that is made out of bathing suit material) are pretty much a must in this day and age. Trying to find a modest bathing suit is like trying to find a needle in a haystack - it's next to impossible. Anyways, I'm glad you made this post... bathing suits are just as important, if not more, to keep modest as our every day clothes. =)