March 23, 2013

diy rosebud mason jar

      Lately I have been obsessed with sheet music. It may or may not have anything to do with my semester at WorshipU.  So when my brother’s birthday party was cancelled due to some snow, I knew I had to do some crafting!

1 wide mouth jar (Unless you have freakishly small hands. Trust me on this.)
1-3 pages of sheet music (the older the better)
Mod Podge
1/8th of a yard unbleached muslin, or the fabric of your choice.

      First, you need to take a piece of unfolded paper (you can rip off folded portions) and coat thinly with Mod Podge.
Folded and impossible to smooth.
Ahh, folded portion ripped off.
Coated "thinly" with Mod Podge.

Next, you will stick it on the jar. I like to paint a little bit of Mod Podge on the Jar as well as the paper.
      Continue doing this all the way around the jar. make sure to smooth out ALL air bubbles. They make the Mod Podge dry really, well, bubbly.
This is where having a wide mouth jar is important.

      Once you reach the top of the mason jar, try and use the littlest pieces of paper posible. It is definitely a learning curve to get the sheet paper around the curve. If you don't want to Mod Podge the bottom of your jar, it isn't necessary. I like my projects to look good from all angles, so I just did it. after this, you are done decoupaging. Yay!

      There will undoubtedly be some remains of the Mod Podge stuck to the outside of the jar. Yuck! to get it off, I wrapped it in a wet towel for about 15 minutes, and then I wiped off the remains with the same towel.
You can either use this time to wash the Mod Podge off your hands, or to check Facebook. Sometimes it is so hard to tell which is more important.
  Once you have wiped off the external Mod Podge, you get to tie the jute around the jar.
Get a piece of jute approximately2 1/2 feet long (give or take) and wrap it around the jar evenly. (See this wonderfully drawn diagram) Criss Cross Cris Cross.

Now it is time for the rosette! Take a strip of the muslin about 1 inch wide by 8 inches long, or bigger, depending on what size you want your rosebud. I just ripped it off, I like the threadbare feel. To make my rosette, I cut a small circle of paper and put a dot of hot glue on it.
Working quickly, start twisting your fabric around the dot, adding more glue every 2-3 twists.
After that, all you need to do is tie the jute in a bow, position the "leaves", and hot glue the flower onto the bow!

 This should take about 24 hours to completely dry.

Now pat yourself on the back. At least eight times.

Libbi H.

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