March 12, 2013

eBook Review: Grave Consequences by Lisa T. Bergren

      Fleeing Paris for their lives, scarcely escaping an attempt on their lives, Cora Kensington and her family endeavor to leave their attackers behind them. On their way to beautiful Austria, the Kensingtons cannot seem to escape trouble. With frightening men on the loose, as well as the growing love between Cora and Will, it seems that their tour might be cut short yet again. With Cora and her half-sisters and half-brother beginning to grow closer as a family, they want to stay on this expedition if it kills them; which might be an existent possibility.  Will the Kensingtons become a real family, or will their love be trampled by the looming storm?
      Is it possible to love a book too much? I sure hope not. This was a fantastic read. I think I read the entire, 450-page book in less than 36 hours. I loved the vivid descriptions of Europe, and the experiences that the author portrays. It made me want to go on a “Grand Tour” myself! In addition, isn’t the cover fantastic? I am astounded at how beautiful the covers in this series have been.  What is my critique of the book? That the final installment does not come out until October, I almost cried when I found out how long I would have to wait. Overall, this is a fantastic book for ages 16+, and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who loves to travel, or who likes a suspenseful read!

Thanks to the publisher for giving me the eBook in exchange for this review.

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