May 13, 2013

Grainy Toothpaste.

My every-six-months dental cleaning was today. Boo. I actually love my dentist, and I have never had a tragic experience, yet I still cannot stand it. Why?

Grainy toothpaste. 

If they used my toothpaste from home, me and the dentist would have no rifts in our relationship. Their toothpaste feels like someone mixed sand in your toothpaste. Gag. 

My mouth is also sore from opening it so wide. We did get to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs though. Which is always a win. Shiloh wanted to watch Beauty and the Beast, and you’d think, with her being three and me being eighteen, that I’d let her have the choice since it was a little more dramatic to someone who is younger. Nope. I stood my ground. I justified myself in my head: I just want some comfort during this miserable, gag-inducing experience. I love CWACOM. She does not care. She likes it too. It actually sounded like this: Wah wah wah wah entitled baby. Really. 

We were able to get Chi-fil-a before we went. My order? Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich with a large sweet tea and about four bags of the honey barbecue sauce. That stuff is SO STINKING GOOD. I don’t know if you can buy it in bulk, but if you can, then it will be happening soon.
Overall, today was a success. Five days into walking a mile each day, and two days in the fruit pizza for dinner habit. Actually, we had pulled pork for dinner. But I had two generous pieces of fruit pizza afterwards, so I am pretty sure that counts.
A  very successful day if you ask me. Minus the grain in the toothpaste.


The Boppy said...

I often wondered how they got that toothpaste so yucky..

The Boppy said...

I often wondered how they got that toothpaste so gritty.....